So many celebrities have passed this year.  Today was the passing of Prince.  Since I live in the Twin Cities and Prince is from Minneapolis (and still lived here) I felt like I had to commemorate his passing in some way.  There is a lot going on tonight in Minneapolis.  Streets are closed and people are celebrating his life and heading to First Avenue where much of Purple Rain was filmed.  Local radio stations are playing his songs.  Building are lit up purple.  The 35W bridge is lit up purple.  Bars are playing his music and even the local gay bar is offering a special drink for Prince and donating the sales to charity (which is just awesome).  Everything is purple everywhere.  There is just so much love and unity and energy tonight that you can’t help but feel something.  I wanted to do something but didn’t want to spend days working on this.  This was done in about 2 hours.  Sketched, inked, colored with colored pencils.