Welcome to my page.  Here is where you will find my latest art projects along with some older art with various thoughts on art, life, and other current events.  My name is Michael.  Also known as The Artsy Introvert.  I’m a pretty laid back shy introvert who loves to spend my spare time hiking though nature and of course doing art.  I’ve tried doing art several times and ended up taking a break for few years, but in 2011 I decided I missed doing art and got back into by doing daily sketches and posting them on my facebook page.  I was surprised that people were liking them and following.  In 2012, I entered an art exhibit.  I didn’t get in.  But in 2013 I tried again and got one of my art pieces in the exhibit.  I didn’t win a judges award, but I did get voted by a peoples choice vote and won.  I’ve since done a few commissions and in 2015 I was allowed to do my first online magazine cover for Twin Cities Gay Scene magazine.  Lately my art has been a mixed media format consisting of ink, watercolors, and colored pencils.  I hope that you all like what you see and let me know your thoughts.

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